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Sunday, May 9th, 2010

A day meant to celebrate mothers all over the world. Many mothers receive flowers, gifts, cards and messages of love and appreciation. Mothers are treated to breakfast, lunch and other treats as they bask in the attention lavished to them on this day.

For some children, a day like Mothers Day is difficult day when they have lost a parent. If a father has died or is absent due to divorce or separation, and is no longer part of the celebration of that day, Mothers day is never the same again. The celebration that day is always tempered with loss as well.

Children also face a different Mothers Day when they lose a mother to death, or other circumstances, including the intervention of child protection services and are separated from their mother. Such a day brings back memories of good times as well as the bad. It can be a relief, being removed from a place of danger, yet to others the loss of a mother, no matter what the circumstances is painful, sad and upsetting.

These children seek answers. Hopefully the children are with adults, sensitive to their emotions and can assure them that they are children worthy of love and attention and it was poor choices on the part of the adult that lead to their separation. They are not to blame.

For many mothers, there is a tinge of sadness, regret and disappointment when a child does not visit or acknowledge the parent anymore. The majority of mothers have every good intention to love and care for their children, but unfortunately, through ignorance and a lack of understanding some mothers inadvertently harm or hurt that their children.

For children too, taking such a stance to willfully cut themselves off must be hard, but see this either as punishment or a way to free themselves of more of the same pain and disappointment.
It is my wish that on this Mothers Day that mothers and children work towards strengthening their bonds, forgive and start afresh.

For those facing the loss of a parent gone forever, I hope that the memories of good times sustains them and for them to know that a loved one will not want his/her family to be sad. The best way to honor that parent is to make the very best of that day, trying not to dwell in sadness, but lift your spirits and celebrate Mothers Day.