Paris Hilton Jail Sentence

Records indicate that Paris Hilton has a record of reckless driving. On September 7th 2006 she failed a field sobriety  test and had a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent which is a violation of the law for an adult. She received a sentence of 36 months probation,  alcohol education and $1,500 in fines. Her license had been suspended for 30 days  but she was allowed to drive for work purposes for 90 days.  Her driving  around  11p.m on January 15th 2007 does not appear to have been work related.  Reports indicate that she was speeding and had no headlights on,  prompting the California Highway Patrol to pull her over.

Records  show that she was also  pulled over  2 other times after the September incident and she had  failed to enroll for  traffic education.  The judge must have considered all of these factors when sentencing Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail. Her driving records indicate a lack of understanding of the dangers of driving  under the influence of alcohol and a blatant disrespect of the law. 

She has asked her fans to influence governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to intervene in her sentencing.  I believe Paris Hilton has loads of talent and is good business woman but she has “chosen” to disregard the safety of people and the law. If this is the path she chose, then inevitably she has to face the consequences. 

You can read more on how we are responsible for decisons we make and therefore are responsible for the consequences at Choices. 

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