My Gripe with Supermarket Shoppers

My Gripe has to do with shoppers who do not return the carts/trolleys back to the carts parking bay after they have unloaded their cars. I have seen many shoppers shove the carts onto whatever is closest to their cars. It is often pushed against the curbs of little islands that have lovely flowers growing in them. Now they are blocked with these carts. Often they are just abandoned anywhere in the parking lot.

A few days ago as I drove into a parking bay, I saw a cart right in the middle of a parking spot for cars. I thought how ridiculous this was. On my return I saw a man actually taking his cart back to the same spot, now making it 2 carts in a parking bay for cars!!
The best part about this particular location was that there were parking bays for carts in two locations about 6 yards on either side of this man’s car I could not believe the disregard that there is for returning carts to their proper places.

I decided to do my good deed for the day. After I had returned my car to the parking area, I also removed the offending cart back to the cart park. While I was taking the second cart, a supermarket employee had arrived to take all carts back to the store and took the cart from me. I told her that I am always surprised at the careless manner in which the carts are left by the customers. She laughed pleasantly, and said that people are too lazy.

This carelessness has also causes damage to cars, as carts on the loose, move, and they are known to hit into cars and cause scratches and bumps. Returning the carts should be seen as an opportunity to walk a few steps and get the benefit of exercise.
Does anyone else have this gripe?

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