A Quick Supper I Planned

While making a salad for my husbands lunch, I thought of saving time by quickly cooking a dish for supper. Most of the ingredients to make a tomato chutney  were right there in front of me.  It included onions &  tomatoes.  It did not make much sense to put all these things away, I reasoned,  and later bring them all out to cook this dish. I just needed more tomatoes, green chilies, oil and garlic.

So I quickly braised the curry and went about clearing the table .  I decided to turn the temperature on high and then switch it off before I left the kitchen for other tasks.   I continued with other tasks which took me to another part of the house,  and of course completely forgot about my curry on the stove.

About half hour later after I got a strong smell, I dashed to the kitchen and found the contents all burned and a terrible smell in the kitchen.  So much for my saving time!

Well,  the good thing is that,  thanks,  that I have a good sense of smell.  It was a good thing that there was nothing nearby, like  dishcloth that could have caught on fire.  The loss was  a small pot of curry and my time. It could  have been worse.

Lesson Learned.

Pay attention to an activity.  Remember to be mindful.  It is good advise to do put everything one has into one task and complete before moving the next one.

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