Leptin, Ghrelin and Sleep

I recently read a very interesting article on the value of sleep. New sleep studies indicate that when we sleep the body is busy working to ensure that we benefit in ways that go beyond just a good rest.

During sleep, hormones that promote growth in children and adults, in addition to chemicals important to the immune system, are secreted. You can become more prone to disease if you don’t get enough sleep, and a child’s growth can be stunted by sleep deprivation.

If sleep is constantly interrupted or we end our sleep prematurely we lose some of the five stages of sleep and therefore also lose the health benefits associated with those stages. For details on the 5 stages of sleep, check out the article, How Sleep Works at “http://health.howstuffworks.com/sleep1.htm”.

The hours that we sleep also has an impact on the quality of the day we may have. Lack of sleep makes us moody, irritable, unable to focus and may result in great danger if we drive while sleepy. Besides not being able to make decisions that require being alert we may fall asleep at the wheel resulting in death and destruction to ourselves, the victims and family members. Driving while sleepy is as bad as driving under the influence of alcohol.

What really intrigued me was learning about the hormones that regulate appetite, GHRELIN & LEPTIN, that Dr. Humphreys stated sounds more like a “Hungarian comedy-act.” Dr. Keith Humphreys, a professor in Psychiatry at Stanford wrote an article on sleep, titled,  The More You Sleep The Longer You Live, in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, September, 2nd, 2007.

GHRELIN is produced in the stomach and signals the brain that that we need to eat. LEPTIN, produced by adipose tissue or fat has the opposite effect and lets the brain know that we have had enough to eat. When there is chronic lack of sleep increased amounts of GHRELIN is released, while the release of LEPTIN is diminished. You continue to feel hungry, so you continue to eat, even though the body has had the required amount of calories.

So it seem that we have solutions within us to have a good day. Just try getting more sleep. For more on sleep check out www.qualitylivingstyles.com/sleep

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