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Mothers’ Day

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Happy mothers day to all mothers.

Mothers everywhere enjoy special attention on this day.  Sometimes change  presents challenges to families when the usual routine of celebration is different with the passing of a family member.

Loss is always hard to bear but on special occasions like Mothers Day, the memories of the deceased are even more poignant.  It may be helpful to families to  honor the memory of the missing family member in some way.

How do families cope with loss due to death and  divorce?

For children everywhere I am sure that  parents want only what is best for their children. Sometimes this message is not clear due to the hustle and  bustle of life and other stressors.  The message on this video is relevant to all children on this Mothers Day.

Reflections on Mothers Day

Please do check this link which has interesting information on the origins of Mothers Day and the movement to honor mothers everywhere.