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My Gardening Venture

Monday, March 1st, 2010

My Latest Attempt at Gardening

Over the years I have tried my hand at planting seeds and cultivating a garden with very moderate success.  I always marvel at those who create beautiful flower and vegetable gardens. I imagine how rewarding it must make them feel to see the magnificent blooms and beautiful fresh vegetables.  I hope to get that feeling this time.

My late mother was,  and my sister is an excellent gardener. Their plants thrive and bloom. My mother used to supply the local grocery store with produce from her garden.  I have had more success with flowers than vegetables.

I remember the time I had a very nice bloom of Zinnias. But the tomatoes I produce look sick and undernourished. I realize that gardening takes a lot of effort and as with anything, one has to put in that effort to achieve good results.

Well today, I cleared a small patch, removed the weeds, flattened the soil, and planted a few vegetable seeds and plants.  I will monitor the progress that I make with this new venture.